Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BURNER CONTROLLERS Manufacturers and Suppliers

BURNER CONTROLLERS Manufacturers, Dealers and Suppliers
( For small and medium sized industries )
700 Series Controllers
The controllers are housed in an ABS plastic enclosure with overall size of 70 mm (L) x 110 mm (B) x 105 mm ( H). The enclosure consists of a base and Plug in Controller module, which facilitates easy replacement at sites.
Models for oil fired burners :
710 - PR - MA (equivalent to MA-81O Controllers) sensing by LDR. 712 - PR - 24 - PI4 (equivalent to LOA - 21 & LOA - 24 controllers)
For Gas fired burners:
722 - FR - P5, where the flame sensing is done by using Flame Rod.732 - UV - P5, where flame sensing is by UV Sensor.

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