Saturday, June 13, 2015

Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling Plants

MSW Plant for City’s Solid Waste Management

Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling Plants, using MSW Plant by pyrocrat Navi Mumbai City's 300 Metric Tons (approx. 50 Truck Loads) of waste is  segregated and Converted into Compost, Recyclables Plastic, Metal etc., Refuse Derived Fuel - RDF and Inert.

100 Metric Ton MSW =
Compost 30MT
Plastic 10MT
Metal 0.3MT
Evaporation loss and inert to land fill

Important Advantages of MSW Plants Established by Pyrocrat

1) Innovative Patent Pending Technology.
2) Zero Waste Technology.
3) 100% Proven & State of Art Design.
4) Sustainable – Economically Viable, Environmentally Compliant and Safe.
5) Robust machinery – Low Operational and Maintenance Cost.
6) Project Guarantees – 100% Processing Capacity and Environmental compliance.
7) Timely Machinery Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Operational Training.
8) Recover Maximum Value from Waste.
9) Project as per norms.
10) Upgradable and Expandable Plant Layout and Design.

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