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Gravity Roller Conveyor Manufacturers Dealers Suppliers

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyors Manufacturers Dealers and Suppliers

Solution for Material Handling

Apex offer various types of gravity roller conveyors, which are used in conveying of boxes, pallets, packs, etc. Available in various patterns, materials & dimensional specifications, They can also offer gravity roller conveyors in customized specifications

Manufacturers and Suppliers of

Material Handling Systems

90 Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Bucket Elevator

Conche Mixer

Drum Lifter

Flat Belt Conveyor

Gravity Roller Conveyor

Inclined Belt Conveyor

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Address : 27, Gupta Deshpande Industrial Estate, Pokhran Road No. 1, Upvan, Thane (W) - 400606, Maharashtra, India.
Tel.No. : (022) 25856039
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90 Degree Belt Conveyor

Industrial Belt Conveyor
Bucket Elevator
Conche Mixer
Drum Lifter
Flat Belt Conveyor
Gravity Roller Conveyor
Inclined Belt Conveyor

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Solid Carbide Cutting Tools Manufacturers Suppliers

Manufacturers Dealers and Suppliers of Solid Carbide Cutting Tools


Manufacturer and Regrinding on Solid Carbide Cutters, Lugged And Carbide Tipped Cutting Tools Made on World Class CNC - Tool & Cutter Grinding Machines.

Product Activities

Solid Carbide Cutters :

End Mill
Ball Nose Cutters
Die Sinking Cutters
Spot Face Cutters
Counter Bore Cutters
Special Form Cutters
Side & Face Cutters
Solid Carbide Slitting Cutters

Solid Carbide Drills :

Step Drills
Subland Drills
Burnishing Drills
Core Drills
Coolant Feed Drills
Brazed & Lugged Drills

Solid Carbide Tools

Carbide Tipped Tools

Carbide Lugged And HSS Tools

Ball Nose Cutters

Milling Cutters

Profile Cutters


Indexible Tools :

CICN Coating
TIALN Coating
Tin Coating
Futura Coating
Single Point Tools
Boring Bar
Step Cutters
Chamfer Tools
As per Customer Requirement

Gauges :

Carbide Plug Gauges
Snap Gauges
Special Gauges

Carbide Plug Gauges :

Carbide Plug Gauges
Snap Gauges
Special Gauges

Reamers :

Solid Carbide Reamers
Brazed Lug Reamers
Special Reamers
Burnishing Reamers

Wear Parts As per Customer Requirements :

CT Work Rest Blade
CT Centers Male, Female, Haif, Dead
Guide Bush Collets
Core Rod
Core Pin & Punches

End Mills

Carbide Punches

Carbide Dies Core Pins

Carbide Centers

Address : A - 53 & 59, FF, Pavana Indl.Complex, Plot No.T - 204, MIDC, Bhosari, Pune - 411026

Tel.No : (020 ) 30680559

Fax No : (020 ) 30680559

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Dealers in Cutting Tools
Bimetal Bandsaw Blades
Industrial Diamond Wheels
Industrial CBN Wheels
Carbide Tools
Solid Carbide Tools

Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
Tungsten Carbide Tools
Tungsten Carbide Products
Work Rest Blades
Bandsaw Blades

Address : Shop No.7, Laxmi Narayan Apartments, 564 / 565, Naryan Peth, N.C.Kelkar Marg, Pune - 411030
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Fax No : (020 ) 24457264
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