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Pressure Die Castings, Pressure Die Casting Components, High Pressure Die Castings, High Pressure Die Casting Components, Gravity Die Castings

Manufacturers and Exporters of diffrent types of Die Castings
Bespask was established in the year of 1975 with a view to cater services in the field of high pressure die casting and gravity die casting components in aluminium and zinc base.Today BESPASK is all set to manufacture any type of casting up to 1.5kg. in pressure die-casting and up to 3 kg. in gravity die casting as per international quality standards with high quality at low cost. Along with casting production our Group Co. KTPL is also providing allied services - machining, Sub assemblies & Assembly.
High Pressure Die Casting Machines 7 Nos. From 60 to 400 tons with furnaces.• Tool Room : 3D Modeling / Path Manufacturing Dies, Including Vertical Machining Centers, Turning Centers, Spark Erosion Machines, Milling Machines, Center Lathes, Drilling Machines & General purpose machines.• Surface Finish : Shot Blasting Machines, Vibro Finishing Machines, Anodizing, Powder Coating & Sub Assembly Fitting etc.

High Pressure Die Castings
Pressure Die Castings
Gravity Die Castings
Aluminium Castings
Aluminium Pressure Die Castings
Zinc Castings
Zinc Pressure Die Castings
Casting Manufacturers
Starter Motor Brackets, Alternator Covers Weight 200gm to 1000gm
Connecting Rods for Hermetic Compressors Weight 200gm to 250gm
Cylinder Head for Air Compressorswt. upto 1.1kg.
Center Element for Cooling upto 250gm
Casted Automobile Componentsfrom 100gm to 1500gm.
Hydraulic Cylinder End CoversWt. upto 1300gm.
Valve Actuators Castingsupto 1300gm
Zinc Casting Carburetorsupto 250gm for Two Wheelers
Die Casting, Die Casting Component Pressure Die Castings Pressure Die Casting Components High Pressure Die Castings Gravity Die Castings Gravity Die Casting Component Aluminium Castings Aluminium Casting Components Aluminium Pressure Die CastingsZinc CastingsZinc Pressure Die Casting Casted Components For Automobile Valve Actuator Castings Zinc Casting Carburetors Casting For Carburetors Cylinder Heads For Air Compressors Connecting Rod For Hermetic Compressor

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